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SERVCOM  Dallas Business Telephone Systems

Celebrating it's 40th year in business SERVCOM dallas business telephone systems,
consistently adapts to the latest technology has to offer providing only the most advanced products and solutions to our clients that are available today.

Established in 1978, Servcom has provided 100,000+ Dallas businesses with top level communications equipment and products in the Dallas marketplace. We rely on our valued customer service and our experience to deliver custom telecommunication products, along with the best service available in the industry.


      Here's what you can count on from Servcom:

Support & Service Costs:

Servcom's pricing is always competitive. It does not change unless your order changes
for equipment or cabling.

Phone System Installation:

All installations are only performed by Panasonic Factory Certified Technicians.

Telecommunication Programming:
Advanced programming is implemented by Panasonic certified technicians. Additionally, remote programming is free for the first forty-five days from installation (Remote Connectivity Required) 

Phone System Training:
We provide full training upon installation and at any time during your warranty period.
There is never no charge for phone system training services.

Business Phone System Warranty:
Our phone systems are fully warrantied for 12 Months from day of installation all parts and labor included.

Phone System Long Term System Care:
Servcom specializes in repair and refurbishing of existing telecommunications equipment.
We assist in the professional relocation of equipment from one office to another. Our expert technicians are Panasonic certified equipment is repaired and installed to manufacturer standards and quality.

Phone Incident Response Time:
Emergency requests are handled within two hours. (Emergency Rates Apply) 
All standard requests for service are handled (FIFO) within 24 to 48 hours from origination of request.

Servcom Value Added Purchase:
We guarantee your systems for five years, through our "Trade-In Policy."
Any questions regarding this policy please contact me directly. 

     Mr. Charles Arena


     (972) 644-1896