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Infrastructure is what allows you to run your business, we specialize in Cat 5E, Cat 6, Fiber networks, Commercial and Residential cabling. With 30 years experience, Servcom has evolved with technology to keep our customers up to date and running smoothly.

Cat 5e Sales - Service - Support 
(972) 644-1896
Data Racks - Raceways - Patch Panels

SERVCOM dallas business telephone    is a proud reseller of ICC Distribution Racks and Accessories. ICC products are consistently rated higher in performance and overall value by industry installers. ICC's stringent quality control procedures assure that ICC products have been inspected and/or tested to comply with strict FCC, TIA/EIA, and UL standards. The comprehensive ICC warranty programs confirm that we stand proudly behind ICC's products.

Servcom can provide ICC Racks & Cable Management, Patch Panels & Cross Connect, Cords & Cable Assemblies, Cable Management Panels, Distribution Racks & Accessories, EZ-Fold Wall Mount Brackets, Wall Mount Racks & Brackets, Shelves, Ladder Rack & Accessories
and any other data rack accessory.
Cat5e Sales - Service - Support  (972) 644-1896
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